Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When You Know Something's Not Right

Okay so I'm mostly asking advice from any woman who has ever been pregnant. But I welcome any advice! Here's the deal.

About 2 weeks ago I started to get this awful nagging rash on the backs of my arms. It came out of nowhere, so I brought it up with my OB doctor, hoping it wasn't pregnancy related. She assured me it wasn't, told me to make sure I don't switch any of my lotions or skin care products, and I'd be fine. I did that, and I'm definitely not fine.

Two weeks later the rash has spread like wildfire, covering my arms, tops of my legs, and as of this morning, covering my legs. I've tried Aveeno lotion, hydrocortisone cream, extra strength hydrocortisone cream, and now calamine lotion a gajillion times a day. Nothing is working and I'm ready to scratch my skin off! My doctor said it's not serious, not pregnancy related, but I've never, ever in all my life had any kind of rash like this.

What should I do?! Does anyone know of some miracle soap, cream, something, to make this unbearable itching go away?!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie...try some aloe vera lotion...just aloe vera....nothing else. A plant and the juice from it is good but it takes a lot and so try the health food store for some pure aloe. My friend's daughter had a pregnancy rash and so did Rachel. Do not remember if Rachel's itched. Your OB should okay anything you put on your skin I would think...because you soak it all in. Double rinse your clothes....ditch whatever you have been putting on your skin--like the lotions, deoderant, etc. as you can sensitize to it and become allergic. The itching will drive you crazy....soak in oatmeal in a sock..tied up so not in the water but what comes through the sock. Watch careful what you eat. Maybe stop using fabric softner as could be that perhaps. I am sorry you are miserable. I will pray for all to be well and the rash gone.

Très bien said...

Hey girl! I don't know if you know Tiffany Valdez from TM, but she had something during her pregnancy that sounds similar. Her blog is http://seetheskyline.blogspot.com/
Maybe try asking her??
Hope it goes away soon!

Eliza said...

I've never had anything like this except for when I eat too much dairy and I get a reaction. I did a post on a DIY oatmeal bath for babies but it might be worth a try for you too.

Here's the link:


Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!