Monday, August 1, 2011

When August Rolls Around

I get emotional whenever August rolls around now. So many memories associated with it.
August 2007, 4 years ago, I left home to go to the Honor Academy. I couldn't possibly know all that God had in store.
August 2008, graduating the HA, making it through that year, my mom walking, staying another impactful year as a GI.
August 2009, another graduation, saying goodbye to Rob for the next year of our lives, staying a 3rd year at Teen Mania for what would undoubtedly be the best of all of them.
August 2010, leaving the HA after the 3 most incredible years of my life, planning a move to Canada and planning our wedding.
And now, August 2011. It's been a year since I left TM, and now we are planning the arrival of a baby.

I'm emotional thinking about where we are at in life, but also because I'm thinking about the interns that are graduating in a few short weeks and the incredible stories and life changing experiences they are walking away with. And then the incoming intern class who have a few short weeks left with their friends and families, yet they have no idea all that God has in store for them.

How could I have known 4 years ago that God was bringing another man to that same campus who would become my husband, and that He would give us a child. The month of August holds a very special place in my heart. It's almost like another holiday or anniversary - it's a season to be remembered year after year, and its stories will be told to our children. I'll fondly think of God's goodness and His incredible plans for our lives as each August 1st rolls around.

(this is from Fall 2007 with my core, Beloved) :-)


- Kailene said...

August definitely is a memorable time. It's weird to me that all the people around me don't see it as a dramatic ending and an exciting beginnning. To them, it's just another month in the year. But I still get excited! :)

.b said...

oh stephanie.
this warmed my heart so much.
thank you so much for this.
love you.
blessings on you and your new little family.