Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reminding Myself

I think I forget sometimes that I'm only 22 years old. Living in north Dallas, an area filled with successful and wealthy people, it's easy to forget. Even at church we are surrounded by wealth and success. It makes it really difficult to accept our situation sometimes. Living in east Texas, and then living in Canada, these two things didn't matter much at all, really, to anyone. East Texas is full of ministries, people living very humbly. Lindsay Ontario was a farming community. In those places, we drove a really nice car, we dressed really well, etc. We didn't think about it though. But now that we are here in Dallas, it's easy to get caught up in those things. No longer do we have one of the nicer cars. In fact, when it's normal to see a Lamborghini in the parking lot of they gym, and brand new BMW's and Lexus's and Cadillacs,  our car doesn't amount to much.

Why do we put so much value on such trivial, temporary things? Why does it seem that around here you NEED to have those things? I'm not saying all this to judge anyone, in fact it's more like exposing the sin of greed in my own heart. A lot of these people are the most generous, kind, life-giving, selfless, lovers of God I've ever met. Many of them have helped us out in the last few months, and I'm extremely grateful for them. They are taking what God has blessed them with to bless others.

Maybe one day we'll have that opportunity to bless others. Even though we are in the same 'category' as many of these people - married with child(ren), we are still only 22 and 23. How many people our age own a house, two nice cars, nice furniture, etc? If we never have more than the money we need to pay each bill in our bank account, I pray that my heart would be content. If we do have more than enough, may we never be stingy or selfish with it. I pray that my heart would be full of joy simply in being healthy, having a husband who loves me, and a beautiful and healthy baby boy. May my heart find contentment to be in communion with my good, kind, grace-filled Father. And I pray the same for you as well.

Happy Sunday, enjoy a day of rest and lovely weather :-)