Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 Summary of 2010

This time a year ago I never could have imagined all that God would do in the year 2010. This exact time last year I was headed back to the HA, absolutely not wanting to go back. I had just said goodbye to Rob again and was facing a 3 months separation from him (I have so much compassion for military families - I truly do not know how they do it and respect them so much for such sacrifice). I say all the things below to bring honor to God; I'm amazed looking back at this year at all that He allowed me to do. A huge message I carried to the girls I was a house director for was making the most of the time we have. I didn't want to sit around missing Rob all the time and looking forward to the next thing. There will always be a "next thing" to look forward to, but I challenged them, and myself, to make the most of each day. And praise God for the grace he gave, and the beautiful memories I carry in my heart now as a result of it.

So my top 10 summary of 2010:
1. Worked for Dave Hasz...enough said :-)
2. Started off the year with a 90 day bible reading plan
3. Completed the Dallas Half Marathon
4. Two weeks later, completed the Oklahoma City Half Marathon
5. Finished my first year of college
6. Got engaged on June 12th
7. Got to be a part of 9 amazing women's lives at the Honor Academy
8. Graduated and left the Honor Academy after 3 years
9. Moved to Canada on August 30th
10. Married the love of my life on November 13th

I truly can't believe all that happened last year. It was incredible, it was blissful, it was extremely difficult and challenging, but it was the best! Tough times and trials are a part of life, a part of the growing process in our walks with God, but I trust God's word that He has good plans for our lives. That said - I can't even fathom what's in store for 2011 :-)