Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Tastes that Bring Back Memories

Currently I'm sitting in Starbucks, trying to get internet (think I'm having computer issues?!), and drinking a vanilla chai latte. (Notice I'm only wearing my wedding band? Yeah, the engagement ring doesn't fit right now. Kind of glad I never had the time to get this ring resized, or get the rings fused.)

The taste of sweet memories <3

I remember sitting in the hotel room of the Holiday Inn in Norman getting ready with my bridesmaids, and our photographer showed up with a vanilla chai latte just for me. And now, that taste brings me back to our wedding day - every single time.

I love these people so much. These girls are my best friends. They are wives, they are mothers, they are daughters, and they are answers to deep desires and prayers for good friendships. And the guys are pretty great too ;-)

I love this man more and more each day. It's only been 9 months, but our love has grown so much. God is so, so, so perfect that he would bring this man into my life. To think back two summers ago when I completely rejected him and had no desire to date him - ahhh thank you God that he didn't give up on me!!

Here's to sweet memories, weddings, and vanilla chai lattes :-)


Bon Bon said...

Sweet sweet memories. Life is funny and definitely unexpected:-) xoxo

Liesl said...

I love how Vanilla Chai Lattes remind you of your wedding day, and you are so right about how certain smells remind you of unique moments! :) Lovely blog!

Liesl :)