Saturday, August 27, 2011

32 Weeks, 8 Left

Growing, growing, growing. I can't believe there is only 8 weeks left! That's like, hardly any time at all!

My good friend Brittney Bumbalough (visit her new blog here) came over with baby Joseph last weekend. Such a beautiful and precious little boy, he really makes my heart melt. I'm so glad such a close friend had a baby a little before us, because it's made me realize that I really, actually, am quite excited to be a mom. These months of being pregnant I've had to surrender and let God change many mindsets I've grown up with, and mold my heart into one that views being a mother the way He views it. I'm excited for this, still nervous, naturally, but excited to hold this little boy in my arms. To touch his tiny feet, to grasp his tiny fingers, to kiss his little cheeks.

In the meantime, however, Rob and I plan to enjoy and soak up these last 8 weeks of just us. We're gonna do things like go bowling at 10 pm, go to the gym together often, whenever we want, go to museums, go anywhere really and not have to worry about another person, or diapers, or is the baby fed and had a nap. Just us.

But then, I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again. And run. And get off the couch without an ounce of effort. Or put my shoes on easily. Or drink a margarita.

Circa December 2010. Mmm yummy.


Liesl said...

Enjoy this time of just you and your hubby and all the best with the little one on the way! You are looking beautiful!

Liesl :)

Brittney B. said...

I'm so excited for you girl. You are one hot pregnant lady! You're looking so good. You and Rob are going to be wonderful parents. I'm glad you two are taking advantage of your "couple only time". There have been times in the last month that I wanted to go out and do something but we couldn't because he was still to small. Don't get me wrong I'm loving this special 'just us time" but it will be nice when he's more mobile. :)