Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Things at Home - in Pictures

Above is the HUUUUGE box the crib came in.

Below, some of the pieces of the crib

More pieces for the crib

So many pieces! Glad my husband is a handyman!

The finished product!

This is the washer we got. Perfect condition, no dents, looks new.

And the dryer. The set was only $200. Thank you Jesus (and Craigslist)!

Got some curtains for the living room - SO much better in the daytime heat now. And we got that nifty little lamp in the corner for $7 :-)

Had to thrown one in there of me and my little companion :-) that okay to include this picture? Guess it is now. Silly dog.
And there you have it folks. The life of newlyweds living on love, gifts from parents, and cheap finds on Craigslist.


Liesl said...

The crib looks great...nice job!

Liesl :)

Très bien said...

haha!!! i looove the pics!