About Me

This is July 2009. Me and this crazy Canadian guy had just started dating. I was 19, Rob was 20. Wooooowww we look DIFFERENT.

Pretty soon I moved to Canada and we were engaged. This is in 2010

We couldn't wait long. We got married 5 months later on November 13, 2010. I was 21, the Mr. was 22.

I guess we couldn't wait long for this either! On October 18, 2011 our precious Josiah was born. I was 22, he was 23.

These days I love photography.
And coffee. And writing.

And of course my baby boy.

Let's not forget that sweet mister of mine.

So kick back, coffee in hand, and enjoy the view.

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britney said...

YAY for canadian boys!!!!! good to "meet" you girl. ohhh, we miss texas!!! but canada is great for having babies, that's for sure! :)