Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Plan B becomes Plan A

I could name this post so many things; "Thoughts on Being Pregnant"; "Expecting the Unexpected"; "My Plans vs. God's Plans"; etc. They all seem to fit perfectly.

Never did I imagine dating, falling in love with, and marrying a Canadian. Never did I imagine getting married at 21. Never did I imagine moving to Canada, away from all of my family. Never did I imagine getting pregnant after just 3 months of marriage either.

You see I had it all planned out. Go to the Honor Academy for a year or two, go to Nashville, go to college, get a degree in music business, get settled in a career, meet a man in the music business, get married, have kids after a few years.

It's been one unexpected change after another. Sometimes it's frightening, when you can't see ANY of the road ahead, and all you have is God's word that He has good plans. But everything that's been unexpected up to this point, has been the BEST thing that's ever happened to me. I'm SO glad I'm not going to college in Nashville right now. There would be no Rob in my life, none of the thrills I've experienced living in a different country with him. So what, we got pregnant, well, a few years earlier than planned, but this is what happens when God takes over my own plans. I've heard from people we should have slowed down, enjoyed life with just the two of us, you'll never get this time back. Well, tell that one to God. I'm not the one in charge here :-) It's amazing how in just two little weeks, my entire opinion, attitude, and outlook on this thing has totally changed.

I knew I was called to be a mom, at least one day. It's what I wanted. So here's how I look at it: when God reveals a calling to someone, say for a man to be a musician, what is that man going to do? He's gonna go after that calling! He's going to perfect his instrument, he's going to look for places to play, he's going to try and organize a band, record a demo, and do everything in his power to walk out in the calling God's placed on him. He's not going to sit around doing nothing, hoping this whole musician thing will work itself out. What a blessing that I've been called to be a mom, God has CHOSEN me and Rob to raise this child He is forming in me. It's a miracle, it's a privilege, it's a blessing. I'm so glad that God's plans are better than my plans.

If every unexpected thing in my life up to this point has been the greatest blessing, I can only imagine that this little unexpected baby is going to be the greatest joy I could ever imagine.