Thursday, September 27, 2012

Embrace the Camera: 9-27-12

It was just me and the little man tonight, so this was done in about five minutes before our evening walk. I really don't take enough pictures WITH Josiah. I have so many of just him. That's why I'm going to...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Lately

1* Kitchen   2* Living Room ((I swear it's clean and organized and unpacked now!))
3* Partial view from our balcony. It's on the corner next to a big field. So peaceful.
4* Josiah face #1   5* Josiah face #2   6* Josiah face #3   7* Josiah face #4
8* Oh hey ;-)   9* Pretty grass at sunset

It's been a super busy past couple of weeks with multiple trips to Oklahoma, moving, visitors, and our small group starting up again. Looking forward to doing the simple, enjoyable stuff again :-) Maybe i'll even be more purposeful in taking pictures and blogging?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

THAT Annoying Coworker

Ah coworkers. I was inspired by a women's comedy blog, Haha's for Hoohas to write this because it's SO TRUE. Those little nuances that people have/do become extremely exaggerated in the workplace. Gotta blow your nose? Please do that outside. Gotta take a personal call? Again, please go outside. Anyone who works in an office has these people...hopefully you aren't one of them.

In my office it's:
**The multiple guys constantly hawking lougies. What can I say - I work in an office full of men, who are probably thrilled to be away from their wives and think it's free reign to be disgusting for 8 hours. "haaaaaawwwwwwwk." said in a gurgly manner

**Or the guys who do their business for 20 minutes in the only bathroom that exists in our small office. No woman wants to set foot in that bathroom for at least an hour after your done. But by that time another guy has entered to do his business. Oh and air freshener? It exists for a reason in there guys. Use it.

What are some of those annoying things your coworkers do? 

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Things That Matter

I don't know how to be a good blogger, I don't have time to make it a business or attract new followers. I don't often entertain and put up lots of pictures. And that's okay I guess. The one sheep in the 99 matters. Or the 24 in the 2.9 million bloggers. Maybe I'll reach more one day, but until then I hope my random words reach you wherever you are. And sometimes my words are eloquent and poetic, sometimes I only know how to be raw. Today is just raw.

I recently read two different stories of mothers that lost a precious child. Life taken so quickly, so soon. Though I do not know either of these women, my soul was wrenched and my eyes overflowed with tears as I read these women's stories.

On Friday our car got towed out of our own parking lot where we live. Our apartment management could have cared less and weren't willing to do anything to help us. I was so frustrated and upset. But after finally getting our car back later and driving to work, I recalled one woman in particular who had just lost her darling daughter one week earlier. I melted into a torrent of tears at the thought of losing Josiah. Did my car really matter that much?

I find myself disappointed often that life isn't the way I had planned, hoped, or dreamed. I'm always on the defense when criticism comes of being 23, married with a baby, and no college degree. We live life pretty simply these days, and sometimes I despise it.

But not now, not today.

Last night, instead of being frustrated that Josiah woke up in the middle of the night crying and in pain probably from teething, I held him in the quiet darkness and thanked God for the opportunity to have him in my arms.

The things that really matter.

Instead of being frustrated that we don't have certain basic things for our apartment, I am thankful that Josiah has tons of room to crawl around, chase me, and have lots of fun.

The things that really matter. 

Instead of dwelling on the injustice at our apartment complex, I remembered each month this past year how God provided for us and that He would once again be glorified in our finances.

The things that really matter.

His Grace. Oh the Love of our Father. That He still whispers these delicate reminders and pursues our hearts even when we get lost in disillusionment and unthankfulness.

Don't lose hope, don't get caught up in life's little nuances. Remember today the things that really matter.