Monday, October 8, 2012

The Ultimate Pinterest Fail

Since 99% of the people who read this blog are my friends and family, you already know this story. So this is for the 1 person who hasn't heard yet :-)

The morning started out so innocently. I was attempting to do this on a larger scale:

I had an old cheap floor mirror (you know, the one in every college dorm) and I knew I'd never use it again. So I thought I could bust the mirror out and repurpose the frame. Easy enough right?

Saturday morning I joyfully hammered away at my old mirror out on our apartment balcony. If anything, I was having a blast smashing things. Meanwhile, Josiah is inside on the other side of the screen. Screaming. Because he recently figured out how to scream and it's fun (for him). My mommy ears were tuning him out. It's a mom thing.

After my glass smashing fun Rob and I were cleaning things up when a police officer walked by our balcony. I smiled and waved, and thought hmm, I didn't know our complex had patrol back here? Then two more officers arrive. One of them is in a bullet proof vest.

And officer 1 cautiously asked if everything was alright.

Then it dawned on me - oh my gosh - the breaking glass, and screaming baby. Someone called the cops!

Sure enough, the officer said someone reported domestic violence and screaming.

I was laughing so hard, then apologized to the officers for laughing because they wasted their time coming to check out the progress of my pinterest project. Needless to say we all had a good chuckle, and they even said they were pretty glad to find out we weren't serial killers of anything.

And the proof? I'm holding Josiah who is waving at officer 1, who is waving back :-)

All I gotta say is that pinterest project better turn out good - that's a story I want to tell every visitor that views my piece of art :-)


- Kailene said...

Oh my word!!! That is hilarious... and kind of scary at the same time! Not that you have anything to hide, just... wow! haha!
PS - I love that pinterest project. I hope it turns out well... and that no more cops are involved in the making of your wall art. ;-)

Megan Davis said...

HAHA! That is amazing! What a great story!!!!! Don't worry, I am sure those officers have retold it many times as well :)
Now you can laugh everytime you see your artwork!