Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Embrace It

"So it came to pass in the process of time, that Hannah conceived and bore a son."

Life often feels like a waiting game. I'm very aware that much of my life has been spent looking forward to what's next. Getting a driver's license, graduating, getting married, having a family/fulfilling career.

Everything in the meantime can seem so mundane, difficult. Maybe we look around us at others living the dreams that are our own desires. Maybe some even look at me and go gosh, I want to be married. And at the same time I'm looking at you and thinking, Wow, they have the whole world ahead of them! Enjoy that freedom!

Ironic, huh?

If you're like me, maybe sometimes you kind of feel like you're on a shelf, forgotten. You wonder how come nothing is happening, nothing is going as planned, you're prayers aren't being heard, while James over there has got his career, money, family, and life all together.

These moments (or days, or years) where the 'forgotteness' creeps into our heart, come with a choice we can make. It's difficult, believe me. Much more difficult than focusing on your unmet expectations. It's a choice to believe the truth of God's word.

That verse at the top says in the process of time Hannah conceived. She waited for years. YEARS for the promises of God and desire of her heart to be fulfilled.

But friends, His promises are true.

First off, STOP COMPARING. Comparison breeds anger, frustration, jealousy and discontentment. Those are definitely the opposite of the fruits of the spirit we desire...love, joy, peace, patience, kindness...

Second, everything you are doing has a purpose. There are NO landfills, no waste, no dumps, no garbage in the plans of God. That job you're in now that you, ahem, less than love, has a purpose. That junky car you have to drive, has a purpose. PS - don't compare your job or car to your friends...

Embrace this season you are in.
His promises are true. You are not forgotten.


Megan Davis said...

Wow-what a challenging post! Comparision is so easy and is truly the thief of joy. Too often I forget the blessing in my life because I am too busy thinking of what I want. Thanks for the reminder to see the purpose in the circumstances :)

- Kailene said...

Amen! So encouraging. Just believe that the promises in His Word are TRUE. Yes.