Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Josiah

Today you are a year old. I simply cannot wrap my mind around this fact, probably because I remember having you like it was yesterday. I distinctly remember having the thought after you were born that this day would come, and wondering what you would be like, look like, act like, a year from then. What would our lives as a family be like a year from then? Well it's been a year from then and...

You came out screaming and hollering, and really, it hasn't ever stopped. Just a few weeks ago your joyful and curious screaming got the cops called for an apparent domestic disturbance. Thanks baby boy. You are very vocal - if you've ever wanted something, there is no such thing as whimpering or crying. You are a screamer. But that's just who you are. You know what you want and you'll find a means of getting it. Your momma thinks you'll be a great leader because of this determined personality you have.

You are still a pretty small little guy. You were only just over 6 pounds when you were born, so it's not surprising that you are only around 20 pounds. But you sure are tall! You eat a LOT, and you love to eat anything and everything. You are not picky by any means, which I'm so thankful for. You are such an easy baby in that regard. {I'm also convinced you stole my metabolism}.

You haven't quite learned to walk on your own yet, and really aren't all that interested. Which is honestly perfectly fine with me and your daddy. We know you will get there eventually, so no rush sweet boy.

The saying dog is man's best friend? Well dog is baby's best friend. You and Boss are like the best of buds. When he wants to play he will bring you his bone and you'll sit on the floor in a round of tug of war, laughing hysterically. And when I need you to be entertained so I can cook dinner or do my hair, I'll sit you with Boss and he never ceases to capture your attention.

Josiah, you came into our lives during a very difficult time. Never in mine or your daddy's lives have we known such desperate financial times, and we had no idea how we would provide for you. But so many people showered us with gifts, and God always provided just enough money for diapers each week. I pray that when you get older you will look back at your parents' lives and their testimony and know the God we serve is the God who provides. You made the most difficult year equally the best year we've ever had.

Your momma loves you soooooo so so much baby boy. I can't say enough how you are the best thing that's ever happened. I look forward to the months and years ahead, watching you grow and learn and become who God made you to be. I pray that you will grow to know the love of Christ, that you will have such a revelation of His grace and love, that you will follow Him all the days of your life.

Happy 1st birthday baby boy!


Eliza said...

It sure does go by quick. What a sweet post. I really enjoyed all those sweet, cute pictures of your little boy.

Jennifer Blair said...

Aw, so precious! Happy birthday to your little man!

Charissa Steyn said...

thanks 4 reminding me that time is so precious with our little men:) mine is a screamer too!!

Mrs in Training said...

Happy birthday to Josiah! This is so sweet!