Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seeing Things Differently

**My husband gave me complete permission to tell this story** :-)

Two weeks ago Rob got into a small accident in our new car. I was so upset I couldn't even look at the car. In fact, I've refused to look at the front bumper at all since it happened, until Monday. I mean, I didn't tell Rob I was upset, I told him it was okay and that it would get fixed, but our beautiful new car has a gash in the front bumper.

I'll spare you all the minor details, but it happened while he was at the social security office, trying to get his SS card so he can work in the states. [because immigration failed us one last time, long story] That little fact just made me even more upset because if immigration would have actually done what they were supposed to do, Rob wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place.

But on Monday as I was walking past the car, I stopped and stared at the gash in the bumper. It wasn't just a result of an accident, suddenly there was so much meaning in it. It was a battle scar from a fight. Rob's fight to take care of his family.

Lately I've been worn down, tired of working all the time and not doing what I love and want to do. Feeling helpless because Rob hasn't been able to work without his SS card, wondering if I'm gonna have to work in an unfulfilling job the rest of my life.

But now I see that battle scar on the car, and I know that Rob is fighting for me, for Josiah, for the ability to take care of us. I see that battle scar, and my heart is filled with joy and peace. I never thought I could be so thankful for a car accident.

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Kirby Bewley said...

What an encouraging and uplifting way to think about this. I am always so amazing at the metaphores and symbols that God uses in our lives to help move us along.