Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Its A Leap Day!

Really it's a big deal. Why? Because SO much happens in four years!

Josiah will be four years old the next time we have a leap day. Maybe even a little brother or sister?!

There will be a different president.

Stronger faith. Different person than I am today. Better season of life. Oh I do hope so!

More in love with my husband than I can possibly imagine (5 years of marriage!)

Rob doing what God has called him to do school and career wise.

I think leap day causes more reflection and thoughtfulness than new years or my birthday. It's exciting to dream!

It was a most beautiful day. Went to a lovely little park with Josiah and the dog, had a picnic, basked in the 75 degree breezy sunshine, and spent the rest of the day simply relaxing. These kinds of days are my favorite :-)

Happy leap day friends!


Liesl said...

How adorable!!! :) You are so right about how much can happen in four years...never thought about it like that! :) Happy Leap Day to you too!

Jennifer Beard said...

I never thought of that! Time for some introspection and dreaming. :)
Jennifer Beard