Monday, February 6, 2012

Double Shot, Extra Hot, 2 Splenda Faith, Well Stirred

[like my coffee themed title?]

I was going to start this post boasting in the silence of my apartment, with baby asleep and husband out. Then he showed back up. Hey don't get me wrong, I love my husband! But I was really enjoying the dead silence that I NEVER experience anymore. Anyways... :-)

Before I dive into my thoughts, just wanted to brag that I totally won a chili cook off contest at a super bowl party last night! I wasn't going to enter because I was intimidated, but Rob really encouraged me to do it. So glad!

Oh, and look at the cuteness of my boy in his little football jersey!

Since about two months old Josiah has had a bad rash. It started on his face, then it spread on his head, then basically all over his body. We used creams and lotions and soaps that the pediatrician said to used, we tried all kinds of things to help it, but nothing has been working. This past week, however, we started praying. Like really, faith filled praying over him. And now there are only very small remnants left of the rash!

Through God answering our prayers to heal Josiah's rash, my faith has really been built up. I have questioned God a lot recently if He's even hearing our prayers since our situation isn't getting any better. But this has shown me that God IS listening, He DOES hear our prayers, and He hasn't forgotten about us.

And so, I'll keep praying.

God WILL give us vision for the future.

God WILL guide our steps.

God WILL provide all our needs according to His great, glorious, and unimaginable riches!

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