Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Overwhelmed - the Good Kind

Seriously. He gets cuter every.single.day.

God has really been blowing us away with His provision in our lives recently.

Last payday, we deposited the check into our account, went home and paid the tithe the very next morning. After paying the tithe I went to check our account to see if it had shown up yet, and there was a deposit INTO our account for more than 10 times the tithe! We definitely didn't deposit it! I look at the deposit slip and it was anonymous and simply read "God is faithful." WOW! We are able to pay all our bills, rent, everything, with some left over this month.

I also had a job interview today for a very well paying part time job that would allow me to stay at starbucks, be home in the evening, and pay our bills. There was only one other person interviewing for the job, so be praying I get this!

This past weekend at church, what I really got from the message is to continue believing. God really blessed us big time, but it would be so easy to start to worry again about the next month. God's blessings and provision don't ever run out, and we must continue believing.

To the 3 people that read this blog, I pray that you are encouraged, your faith is strengthened, and that God would shower you with His richest blessings upon your lives!

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