Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Alone

It's not often I get time to myself these days. But today I have, and ohhhh what a wonderful day it's been! I love my husband a ton, but we all need time to ourselves, right? Rob is at a men's conference through tomorrow afternoon, so it's just me and the little guy. So far today we:

Were visited by "Aunt Em" who treated us to Mocha Frappe's at McDonalds (shhh don't tell Starbucks I did that!)

Little man fell asleep in the carrier on the walk back home.

I've had some time during naps to spend some much needed time in the Bible.

Made roasted red peppers, cous cous, and italian sausages for dinner, all while keeping Josiah entertained. [yay multitasking momma! I always have Rob around, so I'm pretty proud of myself!]

After I got him all lotioned up, changed, and ready for bed, I turned away for two seconds and little man peed all over himself. Cue quick bathtime!

After some crankiness and crying, he agreed that 8 pm was a good bedtime [we're trying to start being more consistent on a bedtime, and he's at a point now where it seems to be working out, and he'll sleep until about 30 minutes before my alarm goes off for work...of course]

And now, glass of wine, and a classic childhood favorite movie on Netflix...Baby's Day Out [anyone remember that movie?! still love it!]

Cheers to perfect, quiet little evenings.

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Très bien said...

Great job with the multitasking!! I totally remember that movie, it was def a fave :]