Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sauna

Tonight as I was sitting in the sauna at the gym, I was praying and listening for God [something I haven't done too much of lately]. After meeting with our small group leaders I've really been seeking God for answers. Then I heard it.


It's something I've told myself MANY times in the past, well, year. These trials are only temporary.

Financial struggles are temporary.

Uncertainty is temporary.

But this time there was an extraordinary peace with it. I felt peace that if I didn't get any of these higher paying jobs I've applied for, that it was going to be okay, because me having to work like this is only temporary. Rob is going to be able to work soon and provide for us.

Temporary is definitely a word from God that I need to cling to. There's no explaining the kind of peace I felt tonight.

And friends, I welcome your accountability and godly reminders of this word if I start to let go of my focus.

God speaks in the saunas, in the fires and hard times that we go through.

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alexis scarff said...

Just caught up on your recent blogs. I'm inspired by your determination to seek God no matter what is going on you said "it's temporary". I'll be praying for the job situation for you and your hub. I'm going through a different, but similar thing in my home too. It's stressful, as humans and especially as women want security, but we have got to want GOD first. He's doing something beautiful through every trial! You're also inspiring me to get involved with church, MUST do that! p.s. Josiah is SO CUTE :)!!