Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last night we had dinner with the couple that leads our small group from church. I am so thankful that God placed us in this group, and that we have leaders who pray, seek God fervently, and speak into our lives. Our conversation brought on a tidal wave of emotion in my heart. They challenged us to really be seeking God and praying constantly, and for good measure! We need direction in our lives, we need to know God's will, God's plans, we need God's provision. I can't understand this season of our lives and why it's so difficult, but prayer changes things. The power of God is literally within us, and that power has the ability to change things! [go to and check out this weekend's sermon]

In this weekend's sermon, pastor Robert gave an awesome analogy. When we turn on our hot water faucet, we will stand there and wait, and wait, and wait until it turns hot. We know it will turn hot. But when it comes to prayer, it's like we're turning on the faucet, letting the cup fill up and we feel that it's cold, so we say Oh well, guess it's not gonna get hot, and we walk away. We can't give up! God is definitely going to answer the prayers that we have

And there are so many questions/prayers. Just a small few of them...

Has God called Rob to go to college? Have we even asked Him if it's His will for Rob?
Why is immigration taking so long? Is there a block in the way that we need to pray through?
What is God's desire for us this year?
What creative ways are there to make money? How can we get by while we're waiting for a better paying job?

I know this is a lot of deep stuff to blog about, and that's why I'm done and leaving you with adorable pictures of my growing boy.

3 months old! Want an idea of how much he's grown? See below of him at two months old:

Oh hi little Rocky Balboa baby. 

He LOVES to stand now. And smile :-)

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Brittney B. said...

Oh Steph this is beautiful. I'm so glad the Lord has given you friends that can speak into your life. Know that Brad and I pray for you and your family every night. I can't wait to see where the Lord takes you on the journey through prayer. We love you lots! <3 :D