Monday, January 23, 2012

Letters to Josiah

Dear Josiah,

On this Monday evening, just hours shy of you being 14 weeks old, I'm pondering all the ways life has been made better since you came into our lives. Did you know it's been nearly a year now since we found out we were pregnant with you? I was telling Daddy the other night that when I look back to those early pregnant days, of how distraught I was, and felt God didn't know what He was doing, my heart is absolutely grieved. A year ago, I never could have imagined what an incredible blessing you would be now.

You light up the world with your smile.

Seriously. You melt my heart every time you smile at me.

You are a child who knows what he wants. Already I can see in your personality that you are going to be a great and strong leader. When your diaper needs to be changed, or you are hungry, there is no leading up to it. It's one second you are happy, then another second you've changed your mind and you are angry. When we get in the car, if the car isn't moving, you aren't happy. We will pull up to a red light, and you start screaming. But the instant Daddy's foot lets off the break, you are happy again. I love these unique things about you. I have a feeling you are going to be a handful as you get older and really have your opinions on things ;-)

Some of your favorite things are, besides milk of course, diaper changes (you giggle and smile and just kick those chubby little legs like crazy!) You also love being outside. If you start getting cranky and screaming inside our apartment, all we have to do is pick you up and go outside, and you are happy as can be! And you are VERY much a people person. You love to be around lots of other people. You want to talk when you hear them talking, you want to be sitting up and looking around at all of them. But as soon as we leave the big group of people, unhappy Josiah! Like I said, you are one unique little boy ;-)

I love you so much my sweet boy. God definitely knew what He was doing a year ago. Even though not every day is easy, my heart falls more in love with you each passing day.


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