Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Little Rambling

I can't believe it's January 2012. It's been nearly a year now since we first found out we were pregnant. How different life is now than it was a year ago! And how different I am. I think I'm amazed more each day at how much Josiah has changed my life. Everything has such a bigger purpose, more meaning. Whenever I go anywhere anymore, I pray, God please keep me safe so that I can come home to my baby. And when I'm at work I pray, God please bless Rob as he gets to stay home with Josiah, give him patience and wisdom and let them have an amazing day together. Keep them safe, keep them healthy, and thank you for another day to have them both in my life. I am more in love with this little crying, slobbering, smiling, kicking baby every day. 

It's definitely been hard going to work. I'm usually opening at Starbucks which means my alarm goes off at 3:15 am. I go wash my face, grab a bowl of cereal, and pump a bottle or two before kissing Josiah's cheek and running out the door. The good news is I absolutely love working at Starbucks. I am having so much fun, and outside of the honor academy I've never worked with such a great group of people. However, even though I'm full time, it's still not enough to pay all the bills and rent. Please keep us in your prayers as I've got to find a second job ASAP, or I really don't know that we can afford to live here anymore.

I keep trying to tell myself this is only temporary, life will not always be this way. I don't want these temporary afflictions to cause bitterness or for me to lose my faith. God is a good, loving, kind, and compassionate God. I know he cares about the details of our lives, and though I don't understand why our situation has to be so difficult, I know one day I'll see the bigger picture. Just like Rob's job loss nearly a year ago turned out to be a huge blessing in the end, this too has great meaning. Somehow.


- Kailene said...

Your faith is encouraging to me... thank you for writing this!

Brittney B. said...

I love you! And I love the pictures. So sweet!