Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Friendly

[a.] boss officially hates Rob. literally. when Rob comes near Josiah, Boss growls at him. when Boss is laying in Rob's spot on the bed and Rob comes to move him, Boss will growl and nip at him. but Boss doesn't ever do this with me. he is no longer the sweet innocent little puppy we got nearly a year ago.

[b.] josiah seems to be in a phase of needing to be held all the time. he can't seem to fall asleep without being held. and he's cranky 90% of the time if he's not being held. don't get me wrong I enjoy very much being able to cuddle him, but it makes doing anything else impossible.

[c.] i told Rob last night i want to start a 90 day bible reading plan. i really want to dive into the Bible again, and when i did this plan two years ago i learned and grew so much. this might be a bit challenging working full time and having a baby now. but i really want to do it!

[d.] i'm a gym rat. i've started doing kickboxing classes, and now just started trying out spin classes. kicking. my. butt....back to pre prego days! gotta looooong way to go, but i'm determined!

[e.] i should go do some of that bible reading plan while i have a chance, since my baby is doing this...

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Très bien said...

He looks adorable!! Praying for your finances!! God has been so faithful to us in this area. Continue to trust in Him and His provision and tithe if you do not do so already :]