Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Oh Canada and your snow.

Old friends and family are all talking about the big snow they got today, and it's leaving me with such bittersweet feelings.

I remember that first snow last year after we were married. We were living in the basement of this home pictured above and the snow kept getting higher and higher to where we almost couldn't see out the window. I thought it was beautiful and so exciting. There were many snows early on in the winter that left postcard perfect scenes before you. Roads, untouched by any cars yet, lined with trees overhanging the road covered by fresh, diamond-like glistening snow. It was captivating, as I'd never experienced anything like it before.

But by April, it was still freezing and snowing, and this southern girl was used to wearing flip flops outside by that time of year! I was so sick of it and couldn't wait to move.

And now, now that everyone is talking about the beautiful snow, I find myself reminiscent of those early winter days last year. That first snow reminds me of innocent, naive days before financial worries and "the real world" set in. Before job losses and endless job searching. I think 2011 can rightfully be titled The Year of the Job Search - it's literally all we've done from the end of January until now. Good gracious I hope better things are in store for 2012, because I can't wait to kick this past year to the curb and forget about most of it!

That all said, I really just wanted to say that today...I really miss that first big snow.


Liesl said...

What a beautiful picture! We saw some flurries today while driving from DC to NYC, but no real snow has been too warm! I hope you have a magical 2012 ahead!

Liesl :)

Eliza said...

It's funny how we long for things when we don't have them and are not happy with them when we do. I guess we all need a reminder to live in the moment (especially me) because one day we'll look back and realize we miss those little peices of our history. Happy Friday!