Thursday, December 1, 2011

The First of the Month

I have a not so loving relationship with the first of the month anymore. It always means rent is due, which is a bit stressful these days. I've still not found work, which means still no income source. Sooooo for the first time ever we really didn't know how rent was going to get paid. But, I had peace about it. I just kept saying to myself that I am a child of God, He loves and cares deeply for His children, He will take care of us.

Friends, today is December 1st, and the rent WILL be paid. God provided. This is real life living in faith!

Next step? Faith that God will provide a job :-)


Anonymous said...

Crazy how we are going through such similar circumstances as you and Rob. God will provide, he will, he will. It's so hard waiting, so hard calling job after job, hoping this will be the one... but it will work out. God sees you and he is going to provide, always.
Thanks for sharing your victory.

Très bien said...

Love it! God is soooo faithful to us. It is hard to fathom.