Saturday, December 10, 2011

East Texas...and some Honesty

While out in east Texas yesterday Brittney and I had a great visit and lots of fun putting our babies together. Here they are 19 weeks (Joseph) and 7 weeks (Josiah). The picture below this, Josiah was only 2 weeks old. Look how much he's grown!! Then they both fell asleep at the same time, so we laid them in the crib together. Best buds already ;-)

This has been such a good week. Started out Monday I had a coffee date with Emmie. Praise God for such incredible friendships. Friendships of love, of honesty, of encouragement, of strength. So grateful. I am so glad I can be honest with her. After I left I prayed in my car on the drive home, and just allowed myself to be totally honest with God.

You know, it's silly that we think we can hide our emotions from God, but we do it. I've thought, maybe if I don't tell God how I really feel, it will all just go away. Uhh, hello! And so I just said it. I told God how I really felt about our situation, free of thinking I had to try and stay positive about anything. And you know what? God can take it. He can handle our hurt. In fact He wants it. He doesn't want us carrying these unbearably heavy burdens around on our shoulders. But until we stop pretending like everything will be okay, we're going to continue carrying them.

Through this, God was able to really speak to me, and show me a major source of my hurt and frustration. And I've experienced so much freedom since Monday! I told God I simply wanted Him to change my heart, nothing more...but out of His profound love and grace, He's done so much more.

I am feeling so blessed, so refreshed, and so encouraged.

Oh, and so ridiculously in love with my little boy.


Megan~ said...

oh stephy.. this is just so beautiful! i am so glad that you are being so overwhelmingly blessed by God! The Holy Spirit is giving you peace:) I am so glad for you! love you stephy
and i love your little boy :)

Très bien said...

So thankful that you have great friends to lean on! Koinonia, the greek word for "fellowship". The word “fellowship” describes the beautiful relationship of faith which connects true Christians to God and to all other true believers. Still praying for and desiring for this in my life. This takes time to build and you truly are blessed with such friendships!

Eliza said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that there is an award for you on my blog. Also, I love the pics!

Eliza said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that there is an award for you on my blog. :) Happy Monday!

Eliza said...

Ah! I didn't mean to comment twice. Oh well. :)