Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Running on Impulse Decisions

I made a bit of an impulse decision a few days ago. I was watching the Boston Marathon on TV, and I was just ITCHING to run. Before I got pregnant I was in the process to begin training for another half marathon. I was just starting to build up my long distance runs, but since becoming pregnant, I've dramatically cut back, only running about a half mile every other day. My incredible, strong, and persevering husband has continued training on his own, and I've been jealous! So here's what I did.

My doc up here said that since I was a runner beforehand, I'd still be safe to run, but probably should cut back. I kept that in mind. And I did a little more research, and read countless stories of women who continued to run 6, 7, even 8 months into pregnancy! And their babies all were perfectly healthy.

I've missed the highs I get from running. And that's why it felt sooooo good to run 2 miles yesterday! It feels like having part of my life back. And it's going to feel even better to run the Toronto 5K on May 15th while my husband is out running the half marathon :-) Believe me, if I was allowed to run the half, I'd be running it! But I am excited nonetheless.

See you all at the finish line, when I've finished running on my impulse decision :-)

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