Friday, April 22, 2011

Burning Frustration

Last night my husband and I did something way epic. Being up here in Canada our situation since we got married has been, well, less than par. I could name all our frustrations, but that would be pointless and probably just make you focus on all the negative things in your own life.

More and more lately we've both been getting upset at all these little frustrations. And I mean, we pray, we talk about things, we acknowledge our pain and present it to the Lord, we try to focus on all the blessings. But I guess you get to a point where you just gotta do something dramatic.

So last night on a piece of paper we wrote down everything we were frustrated with. Everything. Including 'small' things such as our toilet only works 35% of the time. We got it all out, we prayed together, then we went outside and burned that sucker to smithereens! And we stomped it into the dust, then we kicked the dust around. Meanwhile our dog was outside with us looking confused and concerned at our little antics.

I've never been one to let little negative things affect my situation. This has been different and difficult for both of us to deal with. But we're tired of letting satan win! I think we both feel a sense of freedom today.

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