Saturday, March 10, 2012

When at Teen Mania

During worship there will always, no matter what be that person who:
Lays on the floor
Dances in the back
Stands against a wall
Sings way too loud and doesn't sing very well

Each person's uniqueness, but it's beautiful and like nowhere else. Definitely warmed my heart :-)

Got to be a part of Honor Academy worship and be refreshed by a message from Dave. I am so, so, so thankful for the HA. I needed it. Sometimes we, as former interns, need certain messages that people who haven't been through the internship can't really understand or relate to. And even though I've hardly slept and now I'm about to leave for work, it was worth it.

We were also blessed in a unique way which I will share about at a later time :-)

Oh, and not to mention every corner we turned we heard "Oooooh a baby!!"

Yeah, every intern loves a baby :-)


hannah_jayne said...

:-) Love you, Steph. It was so nice to see you. Praying for you! Hope work went well this morning.

Très bien said...

Amen girl!! We just got back from ATF this weekend with our youth group and it was increeeedible!! One of our students got saved!!! So thankful for TM :]