Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Way A Big Ship Turns

Little by little, but eventually, it does turn. Not all at once, but you start to notice it, and eventually, that big ship will be turned 180 degrees from what it was before.

Remember my post about believing God was about to 180 our situation? If not, then you must read it here to understand the full impact of this post.

The beginning of this turn happened!

As you all know, I've been looking for a very long time for a second job. And I've been very specific in my prayers. I wanted to be able to stay with Starbucks, I wanted part time, I wanted/needed x amount of money, and I wanted to be home with my family in the evenings. I was believing God to answer every bit of that.

And on Friday, I was OFFERED A JOB!! It fits every criteria I prayed for, except the money. God gave us more :-) I'll be a part time bank teller with Bank of America. Seriously, we are blown away, not only in God's blessing, but in the way He chose to do it all.

The big ship is turning, and I'll have much more to say later. Until then, who wants to go shopping with me to update my wardrobe?!


Jessica said...

So happy for you and your sweet family, Stephanie. :) God is so good! Thanks for the testimony and encouragement!

Très bien said...

God is sooooo good! Thanks for sharing your testimony of God's faithfulness!