Monday, March 12, 2012

180 Dollars

God did something profound in our lives this past week. Profound, and exciting!

Some dear friends of ours, out of the blue, sent us a card in the mail this past week saying that we'd been on their hearts, and included a check for us to use as we needed. First off, we are always blessed by people's generosity, especially when we see others make real sacrifices. And this definitely came at another time of need for us.

But then, on Friday, we went out to Teen Mania for alumni reunion. During the session, Dave was calling people to the front for prayer on different topics, and we went down to be prayed for concerning our job situation. I saw an older man an beelined for him, simply because I desired "older wisdom" to pray over us, ya know? When he prayed, he spoke the word favor over and over, which is exactly the word we needed, because I've not felt God's favor on us in the least bit job wise.

Fast forward, as this man was leaving later, he stopped and shook Rob's hand and I could see that he slipped him something. We looked later, and he had given Rob cash. I couldn't believe that this total stranger felt inclined to do that!

But it wasn't until driving home that it hit me, the significane in the amount of money we had been given this week. It totalled up to $180.

I started thinking about a 180 degree change, and what that means. A 180 degree change takes you in the complete opposite direction of where you've been going.

For months now, we've been on a path of stress, joblessness, financial struggle, emotional struggle, lack of faith, you name it! And this gift we've been given this past week, I completely believe is symbolically God's way of saying He is about to completely change our path! No more joblessness, no more financial struggle and the stress it brings. He is about to do a 180!

Thank you God for using our lives, using our pain, to bring hope and joy to others in need. Thank you for your Word, and for the great things you have ahead! Be encouraged friends, oh be encouraged!

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