Wednesday, March 7, 2012

an offering

Too many of "those days" are occurring recently. You know, the ones that leave you down and in a bad mood.

Two job interviews today. One turned out to be not what I thought, like at all. And even though I was offered the job on the spot, I had zero peace about it. The other interview, well lets just say the recruiter had a communication fail and told me a different time than what she told the employer.

So driving home I was pretty bummed. Started thinking yet again about how much I regret not taking that job at Teen Mania. All because of stinkin' greed and thinking it wasn't enough money.

Then I walked in the door, Josiah saw me and gave me THE biggest grin, like the best thing in the world just happened to him. And it made my whole day better.

And as I sat there feeding him, I cried and prayed that God would use our pain, our experience, our testimony, everything that we've been through, for His glory. That this [seemingly never-ending] season of our lives will not be wasted. Let our lives be an offering that God multiplies for His kingdom.

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