Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It Seemed Good...

Acts 15:34 - "However, it seemed good to Silas to remain there."

This is a verse I have journaled about in previous years, and it's a lesson that's always stuck with me.

'Seemed' is a very particular word. It gives the notion of uncertainty; like, it could be a good idea or the right thing, but you haven't been given a definite answer. The word implies faith and taking a risk, praying and trusting God to be with you and honor a prayerful decision.

Rob and I prayed. We really sought God. We very much desired to be in His will and be where He wanted us. We weren't 100% positive, but it seemed as if Texas was the way to go. Things were lining up, a job came about, a place to live, a way to get here, we were able to pay for immigration. We knew we had prayed and sought God, so we stepped out in faith.

Silas also stepped out in faith. And because of his faith we see a deep and impactful friendship between him and Paul. And that relationship greatly impacted work for the Gospel.

We don't know much about the time in between the decision, and seeing the fruits of that decision, but I imagine there must have been difficulties. There must have been times that Silas questioned his decision, wondered if it was too rash or quick, and if God would really be with him and bless him.

There are definitely times I feel that way. Things in Texas have been so hard. I've wondered many times if we really prayed and sought God, or if our decision to move here was rash and quick. It's easy to question our decisions when we aren't seeing the fruit we hoped to see.

But I have to step back and remember - we fasted together, we prayed, we DID seek God's will We saw how things were pointing to Texas and we took a step of faith.

Yeah, things are pretty tough right now, but I believe God is with us. He is for us and not against us, and He WILL honor a prayerful decision where we trusted in Him.


- Kailene said...

Wow. I was just getting online to blog partially about decision making and faith and uncertainty and the frustration of it all... Different situation, but I TOTALLY needed to hear this. Sometimes I make things far too complicated. Thank you for writing, Stephanie!!!

Jennifer said...

I am in a similar place right now. I needed to hear this too!