Monday, September 12, 2011

My Everything

Wow this song is like it was written just for me! It's by Matt Maher, called Jesus My Everything
Click HERE to listen to it!

I've been looking for a reason…
I've been longing for a purpose…
I'm losing all my meaning…
I've run out of excuses.

Lord, it's hard to know You.
I don't always see your plan
But holiness is calling me
so take me as I am.

You are my everything,
you are the song I sing;
I'll do anything for you
Teach me how to pray,
to live a life of grace;
I'll go anywhere with you
Jesus, be my everything.

Lord, I get so tired of the struggle within
I settle in complacency and I'm weighed down in my sin

So lead me past emotion,
'cause they changed with the wind
I want to be a true disciple
to daily choose Your hand.

I long for fulfillment in what I'm doing in life, and I don't think that's wrong by any means at all. But I'm seeing more and more how God is using this season to draw me near to Himself. In the past I've easily found fulfillment in my job and in the roles I was apart of at Teen Mania, and it simply is not the case right now. How long will I resist His leading into the sweetness of His presence?

Like I said on Friday, no matter how small what I'm doing seems right now, it has meaning when I'm doing it for the glory of God. Every little thing matters to Him. I must keep that in perspective, and in the meantime allow God to be my fulfillment, joy, strength, peace - my everything.

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Nicole said...

Stay strong in faith!! God will answer your prayers/cries!! It is so hard when you are going thru the low times not to panic or feel alone. YOU AREN'T!! reach out and we will hold you up, I have a friend that used to say "tie a knot and hang on" your friends and God have the other end!! God Bless my friend and know I am praying for you!! HUGS