Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dallas Farmers Market and Transit

Yesterday Rob and I NEEEEDED to get out of the apartment. We're here like 24/7 since I work from home. Plus, we want to take full advantage of the time we have left of it being just us. So Rob came up with the idea of going to the Dallas Farmer's Market downtown, and using the train system to get there. Brilliant, brilliant idea! Stress free ride to Dallas, and the cost we paid for the train we would have paid in parking downtown anyways. It was such a great time!

standing in front of the train...yeah it was a little windy. can you tell? ;-)

We rode through what seemed like different time zones of Dallas. It was poor and dilapidated on the north side, men and women wearing filthy and tattered clothes, then filled with high rise luxury apartments and people in business suits the further south you went. As we were walking we came across several homeless people. Men who looked lost and without hope, sitting on benches with a bag of belongings and the clothes on their back. Maybe life isn't so bad for us right now. Really puts it into perspective.

A woman walking past us on the street commented that I looked beautiful pregnant. And you can ask Rob, my face just lit up and I couldn't quit smiling. Seriously, if you come across a pregnant woman, take a second to tell her she looks beautiful! Such a simple gesture, but she probably needs to hear it!
Above we're standing in front of part of the market. I felt like we were in Mexico, going to get our food for the week. All the people were cutting up pieces of their fruit to have you try it and convince you theirs tasted the best. Needless to say, I got my fair share of peaches and mangoes handed to me. YUM!

Can't wait to take another train trip into Dallas :-)

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Très bien said...

So fun! I looove Farmers Markets!!
So glad you were blessed!