Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Mothers of ALL Ages

To all the mothers out there, I want to hear from you!

How did becoming a mother for the first time change your life for the better? How has your life been enriched and blessed because of children?

Simple question, your answer can be short, novel like, funny, etc, but I want to hear from all of you mothers! And please, feel free to include any other tidbits of wisdom and advice that you're longing to share.

Thank you all so much :-)

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Renee said...

The first thing that comes to mind for me is that I have come to understand God's love for us better by becoming a parent. Scripture so often refers to God as a father and us as his children. I don't like the mother-god thing, but a lot of the analogies can be understood as parents in general, I think.

For example, it's a joy to give good gifts to my kids. Maybe a toy or game or book or other things like their favorite meal or warm cookies after school - whatever is delightful to them. I think God does the same for us (sunshine, colors, music, laughter, etc). So many gifts in every single day! Too many times I don't notice or express thanks. I'm sure that my ungratefulness breaks God's heart as mine would if my kids ignored my gifts.

Also, it is really painful for me when my kids are unkind to each other. I love each of them and don't think that anyone should be mean to them, much less one of their own family members! So it is with us in the family of God. I don't fully care for and love others as God wants me to. Thinking about what I would like to see as a parent helps me think about my responsibilities toward others.

And the list could go on...

Certainly you can have some understanding of this before being a parent, but living it and knowing the feeling really deepens the meaning. It did for me, anyway.