Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Josiah Robert Griffioen

For 5 months we've wondered - who is this little baby inside of me? Is it a boy or girl, what kind of plans does God have for him/her, what will their personality be like, will they like sports, etc? Yesterday we got an answer to one of those questions...and we're having a BOY!

It's funny because all along I've been so completely convinced it would be a girl. Then the day before we were scheduled to find out, I began thinking that gosh, maybe I've gotten my hopes up too much, what if it's a boy? I didn't wanna be disappointed. Then that night I had two different dreams about being told it was a boy. I woke up and somehow knew it was going to be a boy. And sure enough it was :-)

I've excitedly been thinking about Josiah running to the endzone for a touchdown, or hitting that homerun over the fence. I've been thinking about having a little mama's boy, who loves and adores his mama, about going on mama/son dates, and many other things. I'm even thinking waaaaay far ahead and how I hope he'll have the chance to be a big brother to a little sister one day.

And I also think back to the earlier days when we found out we were pregnant. I was terrified, and couldn't understand why God would let this happen. I wasn't ready for this, I really didn't want this at all. Yet, God has taken my confusion and my fear and done a complete transformation in my heart. I'm so amazed at the miracle of life being formed inside of me, amazed that God has great plans for Josiah, amazed that the very hands of God are forming this tiny baby inside of me right now.

"Josiah" means The Lord Saves.

Saves. Redeems. Rescues. Preserves. Brings Through.

What a picture of the love and grace of God. I may not yet see the big picture in everything, it's still a bit scary knowing we're going to be parents, and trusting God with minimal finances. But I see how the Lord is "bringing us through" and "preserving" us, and the miracle that is taking place because of Josiah

Josiah is waving and saying hello :-)

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Adrianna said...

So exciting! And Josiah is such a great name :) I love hearing updates of your life.