Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learning to be a Mary in a Martha World

Luke 10:38-42, the story of Mary and Martha. Check it out, though you are most likely already familiar with the story.

~As women, it's a natural inclination for us to see a need and want to meet it. We see a need, we find ways to help. In this story, Martha is much the same way. Jesus came into the home where Mary and Martha were, and Martha saw Jesus, tired and worn from his journey. She wanted to help him, feed him, serve him, etc. A key verse in this passage says, however, that she was distracted with much serving. The problem was, she was so distracted with serving that she couldn't see Jesus for who He was. This was the Christ, the Son of God, in her very home. HE was the one who had much to offer her. Mary saw this. She looked beyond the outward appearance of a tired man, and KNEW Him. She took the time to sit at her Savior's feet in expectation.

My house vision this year, and life vision for that matter really, is Selfless. It's all about laying down our lives, serving one another in love, surrendering our will and desires to meet the needs of others. I've not realized until now that one facet of being selfless is laying down our will and desires so that we may just sit at the feet of Jesus. So today, I pause from all of my serving, I breathe, and I rest at the feet of Jesus. I pray for a Mary spirit to replace my Martha mindset. Jesus is never too tired or too busy to fill me and sustain me.

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