Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Countdown

The day before Rob and I reunite is always pretty odd. Today has proved nothing less. Work seems to be unusually hectic, which is problematic when you don't feel like working because you know he'll be here in a matter of hours. And actually, here it is almost 8 pm and I'm considering going back to the office soon...yikes! After work I nearly forgot that I needed to go feed Mr. Hasz's cat, so ensued an interesting dilemma. Couldn't figure out the garage door, the little rascal kept running all over the place and couldn't catch him, tried shutting the garage door so he wouldn't escape, couldn't figure out how to shut the garage door (lame I know). Then I head inside to feed the fish, and I was mesmerized by the motion censor lights on the stairs, so I kid you not I maybe ran up and down the stairs three times because I thought it was so cool. Fish fed, cat fed, mission to get the garage door shut. It took me almost 5 minutes - I almost called Mr. Hasz while he was on vacation. Yeah, pretty sure it doesn't get much sadder than that!

Alright, mission accomplished. So I drive to Lindale and I'm sitting at the stoplight by Walmart and a man dressed in a gorilla suit is standing on the street corner advertising for pizza. Lucky me would get to be stuck right there next to him as he pranced around waving a pizza sign in my I'm on my way to the gym. That's inspiring. I ignored his pleas and resisted the desire, and braved the testosterone zone of Anytime Fitness. The men seemed to be acting I could hear men grunting quite loudly as they lifted weights clearly too difficult for them to lift, and the manager grunting back at him from his office. All the while I'm wondering where in the world the other women are at!

Alas, now I am home, peacefully eating my dinner and chopping away at my frozen smoothie. Some of my girls are watching a rather loud movie in the background and popping popcorn. I'm downloading the sounds of Randy Travis's "Forever and Ever, Amen" to my iTunes and dreaming of the future like a giddy little girl. Though a more quiet evening would be my preference, I know I'm going to miss this. I'm reminded of parents who wish they would have enjoyed the hectic days of their children being toddlers and how they just grow up so fast. Yeah, it's kinda like that. I'm so incredibly thankful for the time God has given me here in east Texas, in this house, with these women..."they grow up so fast."


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