Monday, May 24, 2010

I Didn't Cry Saying Goodbye

Well, here it is the Monday after a visit (black Monday as we like to call it). Strangely though, I've not been in too sour of a mood. Usually after a visit, the following day or two is extremely difficult, not wanting to get back into the routine of things. Even though our time together was short (he arrived Friday afternoon and left Sunday evening), it was quite sweet. This little life interruption mixed with knowing I'll be there again in less than 3 weeks has made this particular black Monday the most bearable one I've experienced.

Just a few things that made this weekend sweet ~ my wonderful, loving, and kind Canadian boyfriend isn't too particularly fond of "tex-mex" food. Unfortunately that's what I grew up eating living in the south, and unfortunately for him, that's what I know how to cook best. But much to my surprise, he rather enjoyed my homemade chicken enchilada casserole! We also ventured into the creative world of making homemade spanish flan. And again, much to my surprise, turned out quite well for a first try. You ought to look up a recipe just to see how tedious it is to make :-)

Saturday we spent the morning hitting up garage sales where I found a treasure of a cookbook. That afternoon we picnicked at Hideaway Lake and enjoyed some good ole' Texas sun. No worries, sunscreen was purchased for Rob and he was spared from the lobster effect that tends to happen in Texas. Me? Ahh, I was blessed with a greeeaaat tan!

That evening we tried out Villa Montez in Tyler - I highly recommend the place! It's in an old beautiful home and they serve Latin food - different but extremely good.

Sunday we went to Gateway Church together once again. Goodness we love that church - Pastor Robert's teaching and his personal testimony has greatly effected both of our lives, and it's such a blessing to worship God together. Afterwards I took him shopping for some summer clothes, then we spent some time at Starbucks, and ended the day at the airport.

Sounds like a short time, and though it was, we prayed it would draaaag on. And hey, God is faithful even in the small things, and we definitely felt like it was much longer than it actually was. It was a wonderful gift, the perfect little life interruption. I must say though, I seriously can't wait until June 12th - it will be a glorious 8 days together :-)

*the picture is us being cute at the airport before saying goodbye*

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