Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Josiah decided recently that water = best thing ever. Bath time, swimming, water bottles - if it has to do with water the kid loves it. Maybe we listened to Brad Paisley's song "Water" too often while I was pregnant...?

So anyways, we can dunk him in the pool a thousand times and he comes up splashing and smiling. In the bathtub he'll splash and splash until every square inch of the bathroom has a drop of water on it. And last night the hilarity was over my head.

Since he can pull himself up now, the world has become a whole new place. And last night he pulled himself up on the side of the tub, but we all know that can be a slippery place, and he promptly slipped and fell back on his bottom. Just as I was about to panic he started cracking up at how big of a splash he made. Then proceeded for the next ten minutes to pull himself up and fall back down.

This is my child. Adventurous. Unafraid. Hilarious. How did I get so blessed?

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Whitney Cramer said...

A water baby is a good thing! Mel is the same way and I love it. I always hoped I would have a baby that liked to be outside, playin the water, etc...rather than stay inside all day in front of the television. Just wait til he starts crying when you take him out :/ it's hard! Haha