Monday, July 23, 2012

New Seasons of Life

I'm so excited to say that Rob is FINALLY a permanent resident of the USA! This means:

Rob can apply for jobs
No more worry or possibility of him being deported
We are free - free to dream, free to plan, free to have a normal life. This is a BIG deal.

After this agonizing week without my family, I still managed to have some fun.

I spent time with my best friend Emmie, like every day.
I slept through the night. Every night. Not once did I wake up to a baby crying. Glory.
I went shopping. I came home late. I ate cereal for dinner sometimes.
I lived like a single girl. Ha. Oh the days.

I wouldn't take those days back for anything! Oh I made the most of them, in fact during 2009/2010 I wrote frequently about being in a long distance relationship yet still living my life. It was awesome. But having a husband and a precious little boy to come home to every day...

Now that's the good life. 

This song is called "Never Once" by Matt Redman. We sang this song in church and in our small group many times this past year, and often it made me angry. We were in a valley so low that I found it hard to believe we'd ever make it out. I felt like God really wasn't faithful sometimes, I felt alone. But yesterday, singing this once again in church, I became overwhelmed at God's grace. Not that we are on that "mountaintop", but we are certainly out of the valley and above the clouds. I look back and I see now all that God has been doing. Even in my doubt and anger and disbelief, He never left me alone.

My prayer now is that these experiences wouldn't just be something in our past, but that it would be a testimony that God uses to reach young married couples, young people with babies, even older people with financial struggles. Really, anyone that God can use our testimony to reach out to.

And now, on to the next season of life...whatever that may be :-)


Jaimie @ {roxylove} said...

Oh, a fellow Canadian! I'm Canadian, too. I also can definitely relate to the whole Green Card situation. It's quite the process, but once it's over it's literally the biggest relief.

Yay, America! Hahah :)

Whitney Cramer said...

Ohhh I love that song! Congrats to Rob!! Enjoying your blog so far (I'm a newbie) ha.

Stephanie Griffioen said...

Jaimie - yay Canadians! That's so cool!
Whitney - thanks so much for stopping by! I don't put a ton of work into blogging so I'm always excited to meet someone new!