Monday, July 2, 2012

A Thousand Mile Journey

 So many roads and races are on their home stretch at this moment. It's quite exciting! A dear friend commented last week that I look "fresh", and I agree. I feel like a different person, inside and out. I'll post more in detail at a later time, but here is a snapshot of one road of the journey.

Losing weight has been a near impossible task for me since having Josiah. Really, it started while I was pregnant. I was in the best shape of my life before I got pregnant and remained very active during. But the scale wouldn't stop climbing, and even my doc couldn't understand what was going on. Ya'll, I know I have the kindest friends and no one would say anything, but I got big. Really big. And since having Josiah, I've lost a pound here or a pound there, but nothing significant. Training for a half marathon, I only lost 5 pounds. I've been eating sooo healthy and cracking down on portion control, but nothing! So I decided to try a program called Insanity after seeing the results of a few of my friends. But even during that first month I wasn't really seeing results.

Finally 3 weeks ago I saw a doctor, because seriously, I was FRUSTRATED.

And guess what?! It's not been my fault at all!! Turns out I've got hypothyroid. Yes, big word, let me explain. My hormones are out of balance in such a way that my metabolism essentially is running at the speed of slug. Big fat stupid slug speed. Aka you ain't losing weight sista! So anyways, started some medication to correct this and in two weeks I lost almost the same amount of weight I lost the previous two months. I've actually seen noticeable results in the past two weeks alone. HALLELUJAH.

And so, I plan on doing Insanity again, and this time I'm gonna kick those pounds to the curb!


Hannah Lynne said...

Stephanie! I'm so glad you went to the doctor's and found that out. My Mom actually has the same thing except her thyroid is completely dead now. So she is, unfortunately, still going through the struggles you went through. I'm sure it has been rough, but I admire you for pushing through and persevering. You look great!

Whitney Cramer said...

you can do it! and girl, you are not as big as you think you are - sometimes (and by sometimes I mean, always!) we are our toughest critic - I gained 50 with my weren't the only one gaining...and at least yours was hormones - I didn't have an excuse! lol