Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Doing: training for a half marathon. My 4th one! I am so, so confident that I am stronger than I've ever been in my life. I did 8.5 miles this past Sunday and didn't wake up the next day with even a hint of soreness. In the past once I hit about 8.5 to 9 miles, that's been my breaking point where my legs just don't want to work anymore. I believe this year will be much different!

Excited About: LOTS OF THINGS! I just upgraded my camera from an entry level to a pro DSLR, and uh, it was a dose of humility at first. I literally googled "where does the memory card go?" and "how do you take a picture". Yes, how do you take a picture. In my defense, it was a used camera and was on a setting I had never heard of that was the problem :-) ...Also, I am working on a website (I have a domain name, that's a start!). And becoming a legitimate business. It's so cool knowing that I set goals and timelines for myself back in December, and those timelines are looking like real possibilities! Next month marks one year since I picked up my first camera (and you better believe I will NOT be showing you any of those early pictures...ick!)

Looking At: two pictures I took of Josiah this weekend. Only a photographer understands this, but I decided I would only shoot RAW once I got my new camera, and I'd do anything necessary to make that happen. And by golly I made it happen! I cannot stop staring at these two photos of Josiah. One, because I've never seen his eyes look so beautiful and piercing, and those luscious pink lips! Two, Josiah stops smiling the second the camera comes out anymore. He just wants to play with it. So the fact that I actually got to freeze that perfect split second in time just makes me giddy!

Thinking About: the future of this blog. While I love keeping my family updated on things going on, or occasionally sharing things I'm learning in the Word and God's faithfulness, I'm having to reevaluate how I'm spending my time. I never spent time pursuing a big following on here, because I kind of always knew that one day I probably wouldn't want to do this anymore. And right now, outside of being a wife and mom, my greatest desire is to be doing photography. And if my little bit of extra time isn't spent learning or trying to grow my business, I don't need to be doing it. I'm pretty sure once my website is live, my blogging will move it's focus to business and this particular little place of mine won't be used anymore. Just something I'm thinking about right now.

Looking Forward To: the next several weekends! Part two of a college senior photoshoot this weekend, plus my parents are coming for Easter. Mid April we are FINALLY going to see our beloved friends, the Bumbaloughs (babies sure make travelling and seeing each other much more difficult). And of course, the half marathon at the end of April in Oklahoma City (Rob is doing the full marathon)!


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