Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Week of 2013

Well we are a few days into 2013 now. Josiah seems to have picked up some little bit of sickness this week. He doesn't want to eat much, doesn't want to drink anything, and is breathing like darth vader. Poor baby. I've pulled out all the stops to try and help the guy out, and he seemed to have a lot more energy today, but still darth vader and no appetite. Hopefully this clears soon! I started to feel a bit of his cold hitting me, so I'm drowning myself in vitamin C, hot tea, and green smoothies. Seems to be working so far.

Rob started his new job. He's working overnights 3 nights a week as a security officer. It's definitely a change to get used to, being alone for 14 hours, then being alone during the day so Rob can sleep. Good thing I have a fun and energetic little boy on my hands! After Josiah goes to bed and I'm all alone, reminds me of my single days. Days that I don't miss, days that I pray I never will know again. I am so thankful and blessed that God allowed me to get married and have my own family at such a young age. Pretty sure I'm the only 23 year old on the planet who is celebrating that I'm going to bed at 10:30 at night! I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

You know, I have not taken a SINGLE picture since 3 days before Christmas? Yes, that means I didn't take any pictures of our Christmas this year. Which is like, blasphemous when I'm so passionate about photography. It's been kind of nice to just soak it all in, to be refreshed. It's actually stirring my heart so much for what's ahead with photography, coming up with plans, ideas, and lots of vision and determination :-)

Forgive me for the randomness and lack of any point to this blog. This momma's brain is exhausted and foggy! Glad I only have like 6 followers on here ;-)

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- Kailene said...

That is OKAY. Every writer needs a day (or two, or three) to just spill her heart... whatever that may mean. :)