Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Dream

Does God speak to us through people we admire or look up to?
What if said person is someone we've never met?
And God uses a dream to speak to us in the voice of that person?

Weird and vague I know.

And sometimes I get anxiety about sharing something that feels a little more personal.

But last night I had this very vivid dream where I was communicating with a photographer I really admire, and she is such a lover of God too. I can't remember her full, first comment to me, but she ended it with "beautiful lady."
I replied, "I love that you always say 'beautiful lady.'"
And she said "Well of course! Your creativity is exquisite." (At least, I THINK those were the exact words said, I'm a little foggy now)

I immediately woke up from this dream and knew that God spoke those words to me. I knew, because I've desperately needed to hear those words.

It's been a long time fault of mine to fall into the comparison trap. I fall into it big time regarding beauty & photography.

I see women who have had 3 kids and look like supermodels. Or women who can eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce. (how unfair, right?!)

I see these professionals with their college degrees and $15,000 worth of equipment and feel I can never measure up.


I am enough. I am beautiful. The dreams God has given me are unique and the ability he's gifted me with are exquisite. God can and will use me exactly where I'm at, with my limited experience and funds. I must continue to be faithful with what he's given me and stop comparing to everyone else!

Step up. Step out. Your creativity is exquisite.


King Huckleberry said...

this is awesome and so encouraging. keep going for photography. I firmly believe that if you are a good photographer you don't need super expensive equipment. it's nice to have yes, but that isn't what makes a good photographer.
check this lady out, this is my favorite blog. she just finished writing a photography book using a (very nice) entry level camera. she's so inspiring.

King Huckleberry said...
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Amber Michelle said...

Love your honesty here, Stephanie. I fall into that comparison trap as well. I think, as women, we fall prey to that very easily, but the more we talk about it and share with one another, the easier it is to catch before it gets out of hand. :)