Tuesday, September 18, 2012

THAT Annoying Coworker

Ah coworkers. I was inspired by a women's comedy blog, Haha's for Hoohas to write this because it's SO TRUE. Those little nuances that people have/do become extremely exaggerated in the workplace. Gotta blow your nose? Please do that outside. Gotta take a personal call? Again, please go outside. Anyone who works in an office has these people...hopefully you aren't one of them.

In my office it's:
**The multiple guys constantly hawking lougies. What can I say - I work in an office full of men, who are probably thrilled to be away from their wives and think it's free reign to be disgusting for 8 hours. "haaaaaawwwwwwwk." said in a gurgly manner

**Or the guys who do their business for 20 minutes in the only bathroom that exists in our small office. No woman wants to set foot in that bathroom for at least an hour after your done. But by that time another guy has entered to do his business. Oh and air freshener? It exists for a reason in there guys. Use it.

What are some of those annoying things your coworkers do? 

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Jennifer Beard said...

Superfluous memos. Passive aggressive superfluous memos.